Unit Topic Words Grammar Phonics



hands, nose, arms, legs, hair, ears, head, neck

big, little, fat, thin, long

I have [long] [hair].
Elephants have [big] [ears].
Birds have [two] [legs].
They have [long] [necks].
It’s [tall].
They’re [long].

Pp: parrot
Qq: queen
Rr: rabbit



doll, jigsaw, car, kite, train, teddy, ball, puzzle, bike

He has a [blue] [car].
She has a [ball].
This is his car.
This is her kite.

Ss: sofa
Tt: teddy
Uu: umbrella



T-shirt, trousers, shoes, cap, socks, skirt, jumper, hat

Numbers 11 - 20

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a [blue] [hat].
He/she’s wearing [long] [socks].

Vv: vase
Ww: window
Xx: X Ray


Days and times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, o’clock, half past

What’s the time?
It’s [two] o’clock.
It’s half past [nine].
It’s [Tuesday] today.
Is it [four] o’clock?
Is it [Tuesday]?

Yy: yellow
Zz: zebra


Doing things

run, swim, walk, jump, climb, read, talk

I can [read].
I can’t [swim].
He/she can [climb].
He/she can’t [run].
Can he/she swim?
Yes, he/she can.
No, he/she can’t.

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